Premium Quality Guarantee

MESA starts with the finest tubes available from around the world. They then test and match every tube, while under stress of actual operating conditions, to the tightest, most demanding specs in the industry with the use of their proprietary, aerospace designed tube analysis system called Robotube. They accept only the finest of the finest and back them with the best warranty in the business for a minimum of six months.

Meet Robotube: King of the Tube Testers.

With the brains of a computer and the ears of a musician, Robotube runs a battery of seven exacting tests on each power tube and analyzes performance so thoroughly it can even predict the tube´s lifetime. Designed by Mesa Engineering and built by an aerospace firm, Robotube is a one-of-a-kind machine and easily the most modern and powerful in the industry.

Precision data generated during the seven-part test procedure is combined in Robotube's memory and later printed out for each tube. But there are still some factors of tube performance that only a human (with a hammer) can properly analyze. After passing tests for noise and microphonics, then comes the severest mauling of all the MESA hammer test. Here each tube is tested for reliability under sever shock and vibration....enough to duplicate your amp falling off a six foot stage at full volume!

Compare the MESA guarantee: Six months under Heavy Duty use. That´s twice as long as most. You can find tubes that cost more, but if they worked any better, MESA would be using them!