Tungsten Buckwheat Combo Amp - Tweed

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The Tungsten Buckwheat amplifier is the next amp in the Wheat line featuring Tungsten's signature voicing arrangement that made the Crema Wheat so popular. Powered by a pair of cathode biased 6L6 power tubes, Buckwheat puts out 30 watts through a single 12" Scumback H75 speaker.

Buckwheat has two channels, each individually voiced and featuring a Volume/Tone configuration. The Les channel is voiced in a way as to accommodate humbucking pickups while retaining clarity. The Moe channel offers more highs and more lows, perfectly suited to vintage style single coil and P-90 pickups.

With a slightly larger cabinet, more iron in the transformers and a heavier magnet speaker, Buckwheat gives you more of everything you love about the Crema Wheat while retaining the essential grab n' go quality. As with the Crema Wheat, you're able to swap power tubes and rectifiers at will without the need for rebiasing.

The Buckwheat comes stock in a brown tolex/wheat grille cabinet with a Scumback H75 speaker