Trussart Deluxe Steelcaster w/ B16 Bigsby in Rust-O-Matic

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James Trussart

$ 4,099.00 

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The Trussart Steelcaster takes the classic "T" shape and adds a unique twist.

The hollow steel construction that Trussart has become renowned for is not only visually stunning but also creates a "steely" resonance not normally found in guitars made of wood. All that you need to do to see that the Steelcaster is different is strum one cord, even unplugged the tone is rich and full with its own unique character.

The Steelcaster is available with a wide array of options from different finishes to multiple pickup options. The Deluxe Steelcaster features an eloquent F hole for a true hollowbody look.

Every Steelcaster has its own unique look due to the wearing process used to create the "Rust-O-Matic" finish.

This Deluxe Steelcaster comes upgraded with the Holey Metal Perforated Back which reduces the weight a 1/2 pound, and a Custom B16 Bigsby. It's finished in the Dark Rust-O-Matic finish with an almost water stained appearance.

Model: Deluxe Steelcaster
Serial Number: 11210
Weight: 9 lbs. 0 oz.

Body: Steel w/ F Hole and Holey Metal Back Perforation
Neck: Maple w/ Rosewood
Neck Shape: '62 - 9" Radious - 25-1/2" Scale
Frets: 6105 Narrow Tall
Bridge: B16 Bigsby
Nut Width: 1-5/8"
Gears: Tone Pro Kluson Tuners
Pickguard: Steel Rust-O-Matic
Electronics: Volume, Tone, 3-Way Switch
Input Jack: Side Jack
Knobs: Textured Metal
Neck Pickup: Arcane Inc. Tele Neck
Bridge Pickup: Arcane Inc. Tele Bridge
Finish: Dark Rust-O-Matic
Paint Option: Heavy Rust on Back
Other Options: Holey Metal Back Perforation and B16 Bigsby
String Gauge: .010 - .046 Dunlop