Tone King Royalist MKII Combo Amp

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Tone King

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The new Tone King Royalist 45 MK II is a fresh take on the much loved vintage Marshall tones of the 60's.

The MK II version of the Royalist is identical to the original version with the following two exceptions. 

1) The Ironman attenuator has been updated with frequency compensation circuitry, and 

2) the front panel now includes an additional input, Deep, which thickens the tone and reduces the gain just a bit for cleaner sounds.

The Majesty captures the best of authentic vintage British sound by combining "bluesbreaker" girth and sweetness with the aggression and harmonic complexity of a vintage "plexi", all rendered with the sparkling clarity and lush dimension that Tone King amps are known for.

It features a built-in custom-voiced Ironman Attenuator II and specially tuned speaker cabinets deliver the "raging stack" experience - both tone and feel - at any volume, down to true bedroom level.

On the rear panel, there are external bias adjustment points and - uniquely - a screen voltage adjustment screw. There's a clever screen voltage regulator circuit, too, powered by a single 6V6 valve, that allows you to vary the screen voltage, which changes the attack and feel of the amplifier. A higher screen voltage equates to a faster response with a harder feel, while a lower screen voltage will soften the response for a looser, spongier feel. Nice!


Output Power: 45W
Power Tubes: 2 x EL34
Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
Front Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Attenuation, FX Loop Bypass
Back Panel:
Speaker, Ext Spkr, Impedance (4,8,16), Line Out, Line Out Level, FX Send, FX Receive, Bias Test Jacks, Bias Adjust, Screen Test
FX Loop: Tube Buffered Series Effects Loop
Built-In Ironman II Reactive Attenuator with 6 Levels of reduction
Additional Features: Adjustable Line-Out, Easy Access to Bias & Screen Voltage Calibration

– Ironman II Precision Compensated Power Attenuator
– Tuned Reactive Load
– Six Attenuation Steps: 0db, -3db, -9db, -15db, -24db, -36db
– Fletcher-Munson Volume Level EQ Compensation
– Selectable 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker impedance

Output Stage:
– Fixed Bias (bias adjustment & test points on back panel)

6V6 Screen regulator:
– Screen voltage adjustment and test points on back panel
– Reduces sag without hardening the feel of the amp
– Provides ability to fine tune the attack, overdrive characteristics, and feel of the amp
– Extends tube life

FX Loop:
– Tube Driven Series Loop
– All Tube Signal Path (Driver and Receiver)
– Fully Buffered Series Loop
– Front Panel Effects Bypass Switch

– Line out jack (on back panel)
– 1/4″ Unbalanced Line-Out for driving another amplifier, recording device, or any level input
– Adjustable level control on back panel

– Output Stage calibration available on back panel
– Bias Current: Test points and adjustment control on back panel (multimeter required)
– Screen voltage: Test points and adjustment control on back panel (multimeter required)

– Combo: 24-3/16″ W x 19-3/4″ T x 11-3/4″ D
– Head: 24-1/16″ W x 9″ T x 9-5/8″ D

– Combo: 45 lbs
– Head: 28 lbs

Speaker (Combo Version):
– Eminence speaker, custom design that's modeled after a vintage Celestion G12M

Optional 1x12 Speaker Cab:
– Custom Tuning inspired by vintage 4×12 Open Back
– Tuned to retain "full stack" feel at low volume
– Baltic Birch Baffle
– Canadian Birch Body
– Eminence speaker, custom design that's modeled after a vintage Celestion G12M