Tone King Gremlin Amplifier in Turquoise

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Tone King


The Tone King Gremlin is a 5W Hand-Wired 1x12" Tube Combo with Built in Ironman II mini Attenuator!

Plenty of vintage U.S. amp tones pour from this unassuming combo. Whether you prefer cleaner tones as a pedal platform, or live for pushing your amp into sweet-sounding overdrive, the Gremlin has it covered.

• Rhythm and Lead channels are voiced for blackface and tweed tones 
• Rhythm offers more headroom, while Lead is a more driven voice
• Select your input or jump the channels with an optional A/B/Y footswitch


Onboard Ironman II power attenuator

Even at 5-watt, the Gremlin is plenty powerful, but they included the Ironman reactive load power attenuator right onboard to get that same sweet amp drive at bedroom levels. 

• Onboard Ironman II power attenuator 
• Reactive load reacts and feels just like your amp at any volume
• Get the same tone whether performing live or playing quietly

Tone King has went through great lengths to design a cabinet and custom Celestion 12" 870 speaker that deliver the wide dynamic range of a larger tube amp, while always retaining the Gremlin’s vintage character. 


• Custom-voiced Celestion 870 12" speaker 
• Compact cabinet engineered for clear highs and a big low end
• Convenient size is perfect gigging guitarists
• Baltic Birch USA construction
• Tubes: 1 x KT66 and 2 x 12AX7

10″ (L) x 19″ (W) x 17″ (H)

28 pounds

Each Imperial is built one at a time by designer Mark Bartel in his Baltimore, MD shop. The dedication to quality workmanship is unmistakable in all the details, inside and out. It's the kind of work that you would expect from a skilled artisan who performs all of the woodworking, upholstery, chassis assembly, and wiring operations himself, with care and precision.

Only the best quality components go into the Imperial. You'll find select Eastern white pine in the cabinet. stainless steel hardware in the chassis, and many Mil-spec electronic components inside.  While some amp builders choose to piece together their creations from off-the-shelf parts. Tone King chooses to work closely with USA-based manufacturers to design custom transformers and speakers. These critical parts are the heart of an amp's tone, so designer Mark Bartel exercises total control over their design specification in order to create that unique Tone King sound and feel.

In developing the Imperial, and endless selection of cabinet woods, component types and circuit designs were tested and evaluated for their ability to create these warm, raw, burnished tones. The result is a uniquely musical guitar amplifier, hand-built by a skilled and dedicated artisan.