Tone King Falcon Amplifier in Cream


Tone King

The Tone King Falcon is essentially a response by many asking for a low wattage version of Mark Bartel's genius; perhaps a tough little brother to the Imperial.

Being somewhat unique, the Falcon is a 12 Watt, dual 6V6, 1x10 combo created be simple, but glorious in an old-school kind of way.  Sounds silly, right?  Well, we're serious.  :)

When Mark envisioned this amp, he was looking for something that would re-create both those pre-tweed era tones, as well as vintage Fender tweed tones from the early 60's.  Think Supro.  Think Tweed Deluxe.  Think Princeton Tweed, without the single-ended buzziness.

Preamp Circuit:  In Mark's words, he designed this preamp circuit around a "raw, tweed-meets-supro tone with beefy mids and a sweetly burnished top end."  Ok..  So he took the vintage tones we all dig, and he beefed up the mid and removed some of the overly brilliant top end.  Exactly what they needed.  Nice!

Mark also decided he would incorporate a 3 position switch allowing you to change the preamp voicing.  You can clean it up a bit and brighten the tone for rhythm use, or tighten it up and increase the gain for lead playing.

Power Circuit:   For the output stage, the Falcon uses 2 x 6V6's in a cathode biased, zero negative feedback, ultralinear configuration.  This type of design delivers a feel and response totally reminiscent of vintage designs, yet allows for more control with your dynamics and breakup.  As you may know, this is something Tone King is known for.  When you want clean, you play softer.  When you want growl, you bite into the strings a little more, and when you want crunch, you hit those wires with authority!  This amp, like just about all of Mark's designs, are know for being user friendly.  They have a massive range of variation between clean and dirty, allowing the player to truly play expressively.

Now, when you get this little monster cranked, the 6V6's start to cook, and that's really what you want. They start to overdrive with a consonant set of even ordered harmonics. Instead of buzzy and harsh, you get fat, saturated, overdrive.

But wait.  There's more:  The Falcon comes with a built in attenuator using the same tuned reactive load and 100% transformer load matching found in the popular $850 IronMan Attenuator.  With this, you can crank the volume all you want to get those saturated tube tones, while bleeding off the power to the speaker allowing those elusive "bedroom level" volumes without sacrificing tone.

Output Power 12 Watts
Preamp Single Channel (Vol, Tone, 3-Position Voicing Control)
Power Amp Push-pull, Cathode Biased, Ultralinear, No Feedback
Tubes Power: 2x6V6GT, Preamp: 3x12AX7
Speaker 10" Eminence Ragin Cajun
Attenuator Ironman Attenuator Built In; Precision Reactive Load; 100% 
Pure Transformer Load Matching; 6 Levels of Attenuation
Configuration 1x10 Combo
Colors Cream/Oxblood, Brown/Cream, Black/Cream, Turquoise/White
Red/White, Surf Green/Cream
Weight 30lbs
Size 19" x 16" x 10"