Tone King Metropolitan Amplifier in Black

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Tone King

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The Tone King Metropolitan Amp is certainly one of the most in demand high end guitar amps we sell here.  Rarely in stock, and it usually has a waiting list.  For the moment, we do indeed have them in stock.

The creator, Mark Bartel, created the Metropolitan to be a versatile professional quality amplifier with vintage Fender overtones.  Meticulously designed, it may be one of the few boutique amps where the quality of the cabinet's construction equals the tone.  The cab itself was built for resonance and is voiced to match the amp circuit.  Believe us, it's apparent when you play it.  You've heard amp companies say you will not want to put the guitar down when you play their amp, right?  Well, in this case it's true!

Rhythm Channel brings a wide variety of clean tones, from the sound of the original Tone King rhythm channel, to a new range of tones that include more midrange thickness and chime.

Lead Channel is extreemely versatile allowing one to attain tones from fat, greasy tweed overdrive to early Marshall Plexi type crunch, at any volume level.

The speaker used in the Metropolitan is an Eminence Speaker that was custom designed by Mark Bartel specifically for this amp and cabinet.  This speaker compliments the Metropolitan well with it's warm midrange and bell-like top-end with more chime and less brilliant sharpness found in most "Fender-ish" amps.

Control Panel Layout

The Tone King Metropolitan features two separate channels - Rhythm and the Lead.  These two channels are selectable with either the supplied footswitch, or by switch on the front of the amp panel.


Input Gain
This works like a typical amplifier hi/low input.  

Rhythym Channel
This channel features a two position BRT (bright) switch as well as Volume, Treble, and Bass controls.  

Lead Channel
The Lead Channel includes Volume, Tone, and Mid-Bite controls.

Mark Bartel designed this reverb circuit just like his other amps. Phenomenally thick and luscious. It's also controlled (on/off) with the foot switch

Output Power Controls
No doubt, one of our favorite features.  DO NOT MISTAKE THIS FOR TWO SIMPLE OUTPUT VOLUMES!  IT'S MUCH BETTER THAN THAT.  These controls allow adjustment of the output power from 0.1W to 40W, continuously. Having separate power controls for each channel allows you to set the amp for a clean tone with lots of headroom on the Rhythm channel, and an overdriven tone on the Lead channel, while matching the volume level when you switch between channels.

For the Metropolitan, Tone King developed the Phase-4 output power system that allows the guitar player to get that full tube tone and feel at all volumes.

Many amp companies have tried (Master Voltage, Master Volume, Power Scaling, etc) and fell short.  
Tone King's breakthrough Phase-4 power control technology is superior to these other approaches in its ability to retain not only the tone, but also the tactile feel of the amp's natural power tube overdrive, even at very low volume.


Output Power Fully Adjustable from 0.1 Watts to 40 Watts
Output Tubes 4 x 6V6  (Cathode Biased, so it's easy!)
Rectifier Tube 5AR4
Preamp Tubes 4 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7
Speaker Single 12" Custom Designed Eminence
Reverb All Tube with a FULL SIZE 3-Spring Pan
Footswitch Controls Channel Switching and Reverb
Dimensions  24.25" Wide    18.25" Tall    12" Deep
Weight  42 lbs   -  Yep!  That's it!
Tone King Metropolitan Black