Surf / Seafoam Green Tolex - Nubtex

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Humbucker Music

$ 14.95 

Priced and Sold by the linear yard at 54'' width.  If you need to order 5 yards, for example, just add it to the cart and you can change the amount of yards needed once the on-screen shopping cart pops up.

Actual shades may vary.  All computer monitors are not the same.

Some people call this "Seafoam Green" but it is not.  This color is actually "Surf Green".  Seafoam green has a little more of a blue tint to it, kind of teal-ish, and is a little less subdued.  I like Seafoam Green music gear alright I guess, but I REALLY like Surf Green about 100 times better.  Surf Green looks more vintage in my eyes, and Seafoam Green looks like it's from the 80's.  Your mileage may vary.  

The story of how this tolex came to be is a little funny.  Humbucker Music is a little silly when it comes to Surf Green.  We try to have everything done in it.    Pedals, amps, guitars.  It doesn't matter.

When we decided to see if Dr. Z Amps would make us a special run in Surf Green, we ran into a snag.  Surf Green tolex didn't exist.  It's hadn't been around for over 15+ years.  Fender did a run of it back in the day, but everyone had been out for a while.  We got in touch with Kayline (the company that makes just about all the tolex for the music industry) and they required 36 beams of tolex before they could do a custom run.  1800 yards just to make some Dr. Z amps in Surf Green?  $15,000 bucks?  Nope, couldn't do that.  But it really bugged the heck out of us, so we persisted.  We ended up striking a deal with the fine fellows at Mojo Music.  We would take half the run in Nubtex (the material Dr. Z uses) and they would take the other half in Bronco finish (Fender style).  So, we ended up out many thousands of dollars and 900 yards of *beautiful* Surf Green tolex.  This led us to order the entire product line of Dr. Z in surf green that would be exclusive to Humbucker Music.  We also are responsible for the only Surf Green Mesa Boogie amps ever made, and many others.

Anyway, that's the story of how we ended up with Surf Green tolex.  If you want some, we have it in stock and ready to ship.