Suhr SL68 Hand Wired 100 Watt Head

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The Suhr SL68 Head is a a Plexi based handwired amp that includes a Master Volume control (located on the back panel), and is available for sale right here at Humbucker Music! 

Each SL68 amp features four EL34 power tubes (for an output of 100 watts), four inputs, two channels, a Low Power switch, a Master Volume control, and delivers a wide range of classic and modern tones.

From warm and sparkling cleans, to high-gain Variac style overdrive tones, the SL68 is the foundation of great rock tones!

Offers the following three-positions:
OFF:    Amplifier's power mains are switched off
HI:    On, normal operation
LOW:    Changes the SL-68's feel from tight and aggressive to spongy with a smoother attack, excellent for solo playing.

PRESENCE - The Presence control adjusts the amount of high frequencies added to your sound, turning it clockwise will add more cut and sparkle to your tone.

BASS - The Bass control adjusts the low end, turning it clockwise increases the amount of low frequencies in your tone.

MIDDLE - The Middle control adjusts the midrange, turning it clockwise increases the mids, making it fatter. Turning it counterclockwise will reduce the mids and produce a scooped type of sound.

TREBLE - The Treble control adjusts the top end. Turning it clockwise increases the amount of brightness or treble frequencies in your tone.

VOLUME I - Adjusts the overall output level of Channel I.

VOLUME II - Adjusts the overall output level of Channel II.

CHANNEL I INPUT (top) - Has a high sensitivity and voiced brighter than Channel II.

CHANNEL I INPUT (bottom) - Has low sensitivity and offers a slightly warmer tone.

CHANNEL II INPUT (top) - Has high sensitivity and offers a normal/bassier tonal response.

CHANNEL II INPUT (bottom) - Has low sensitivity and a normal/bassier tonal response.

BRIDGING OR JUMPING THE CHANNELS - Bridging or Jumping the channels will unlock a palette of sounds and expand the SL-68's possibilities. Begin by plugging your guitar into the top (high sensitivity) input of Channel I, then run a short instrument patch cable from Channel I's bottom (low sensitivity) input to the top (high sensitivity) input of Channel II, then blend Volume I and Volume II controls to dial in a wealth of new and unique tones.

MASTER VOLUME - Adjusts the SL-68's overall output level and offers the flexibility to dial up rich, high-gain overdrive at any volume.

- Two loudspeaker outputs wired in parallel with 3-way impedance selector switch for 4Ω, 8Ω & 16Ω.

Output: 100 Watts RMS
Tubes: 4-EL34 & 3-12AX7
Front Panel: Power Select Switch, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume I, Volume II controls and four inputs
Back Panel: Master Volume, 2-Speaker outputs, Impedance selector (4Ω, 8Ω, & 16Ω), HT Fuse, Mains Inlet and Mains Fuse