Studio Slips Clamshell Padded Cover - Dr. Z Large Head

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Studio Slips

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Get your Studio Slips cover at Humbucker Music, where we stock hundreds of covers for higher-end amplifiers ready to ship immediately. We've seen all the major brands of covers out there, and we think Studio Slips is easily the best one available.

Made to fit the following Dr. Z Heads:

Maz Jr 18 (Reverb and NR)
Maz Sr 38 (Reverb and NR)
Maz 8
Surgical Steel

Mazerati GT
Prescription ES
Prescription Jr
Stang Ray

Made with tough Water Resistant 1000 Denier Nylon Canvas on the outside and thick quilted padding on the inside to cushion and protect your gear.

Studio Slips uses a polyester fiber fill which is quilted to soft yet tough black nylon lining (guaranteed not to bleed color). They have not seen any deterioration in their padding since they started making covers in 1992, unlike foam padding which can disintegrate in time. The padding is approximately 3/8" thick (a little less than a centimeter). The padding feels more like a glorified moving blanket and folds up easily to store away.
The Padded Slip Cover fits like a glove, with reinforced handle openings. These openings will never fray or come apart like the more commonly bound openings.

Since it is a bag, and not just a cover, your gear is completely enclosed: top, sides and bottom, except for an opening for the handle. The handle openings are reinforced so that they will never fray or come apart like the more commonly bound openings.

The revolutionary design makes putting heavy equipment into a soft bag incredibly easy because the bag opens flat and the fit is always perfect.

Studio Slips uses a heavy duty top quality zipper that glides open and closed -- no sticky velcro to pick up lint and stick everywhere but where it should.

Custom made in the USA by Studio Slips. No overseas stuff here!