Paul Cochrane Tim V3 Overdrive Pedal

Paul C Audio

$ 259.00 

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The Paul Cochrane Tim V3 Overdrive Pedal is coming soon, and exclusively in the beginning to Humbucker Music!

Please Note: The price shown is NOT set in stone.  This is an educated estimate based on parts and other factors as of today. Our guess is that it could swing $10 either way, but we should know more very soon. At this point we are not taking preorders.  The best way to get one will be to enter your email address above to be notified when they are in stock.

Availability Update:  As of now, the ETA is looking to be late March or early April as long as parts availability remains good. If everything goes according to plan, and there's no reason to think it will not, we should be able to have a fairly large amount of these available over the course of this Spring. Probably not enough at first to satisfy everyone who wants one, but we should be able to offer considerably more of these than we've seen of the Timmy in the past couple years. 

About the Tim V3: We're not sure we've been this excited about a pedal in all of our 20+ years of existence!  Compared to the original and much loved Tim pedal, the V3 is in a shorter box with all the pots on top and all the jacks on back. The 3-way clipping switch has the same top and middle settings but with a new 3rd more "open" asymmetrical setting. A 3-way "Hi-Cut" switch is added which helps it sit better with brighter amps/speakers. It's flat in the middle with -3dB @ 5khz and -3dB @ 2khz settings. The FX loop is now tied in with the boost for added flexibility in that mode. Internal voltage converter included so the input is +9vdc only. Additionally, the new Tim V3 is true bypass, but controlled by a Soft Switch relay circuit that minimizes the loud pop/click that some pedals have when engaging the switches.

About the Tim: At low settings you will be able to effortlessly achieve a sound that is simply "more" of what your amp already offers. As the gain is turned up, and the pedal's EQ adjusted accordingly, smooth, singing, round and reedy tones are at your fingertips.

Like the Timmy, the Tim pedal's responsiveness is exactly like that of a great, tube amplifier in that it responds immediately to your right hand's attack.

The Paul Cochrane Tim is absolutely a legend in the world of overdrive pedals, and we're super proud to be helping bring it back to discerning tone enthusiasts.

More info is forthcoming, so stay tuned! We'll post more as info comes in.