Mesa Boogie Throttle Box EQ Pedal

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Mesa Boogie

$ 349.00 

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Throttle Box EQ

Mesa's popular high gain overdrive, the Throttle Box, has been re-envisioned and expanded to now include their iconic 5 Band EQ circuit! Mesa has also seen fit to give you more control over your drive sound than many of you would have probably dreamed about. The Hi/Lo voicing is now connected to a second footswitch, giving you instant access to varying levels of drive with a single stomp. The original Throttle Box's internal Boost switch has now also been relocated to the front panel, allowing you to bump up the gain and out put without taking the back panel off. Mesa's 5 Band EQ is siwtchable for EACH drive voicing. Now you can choose to have a nice flat eq'd rhythm tone, and instantly switch to a searing high gain lead tone with boosted Highs and Lows in a single motion. It's like having a Mesa amp right at your feet!