Mesa Boogie Cab Clone IR Reactive Load & IR Cab Simulator - 8 Ohm

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Mesa Boogie

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The new Mesa Boogie Cab Clone IR is here!

This is the 8 Ohm Version!

Couple your favorite Mesa Boogie (or any) tube amplifier with the CabClone IR for flexibility, grab and go portability, and complete control through isolation of your sound. You now have the ability to go direct silently or with your cab, for recording, stage or headphone practicing with instant access to 16 real MESA cabinets mic’d two ways in a Pro Environment. .

No Additional Load Box Needed!

    The Internal Reactive Load provides an impedance-matched (per your choice at purchase) safe way to forego the Speaker Cabinet or internal speaker in your Combo and record Direct and/or send a DI signal silently to a Live Console. A speaker cabinet may also be used simultaneously for stage sound and monitoring your amplifier through guitar cabinets. This has no effect on the selected Cab Sim/IR you have chosen to send to the Console of choice other than what characteristics individual speakers may impart on the output transformer.

    Gone is the challenge of gathering multiple cabs and mics and gaining access to acoustic spaces for a variety of sounds that can be problematic both logistically and financially. Sometimes we all just need the convenience of going direct for recording or even live without cabs and the need to mic up.  It really doesn’t get any better in terms of having consistent tone from venue to venue, all in a box that drops neatly into your bag.