Jim Kelley Single-Channel Amp Head

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Jim Kelley

$ 2,995.00 

The Jim Kelley Single-Channel Amplifier is in stock and available right now!

The Jim Kelley Single-Channel amplifier is designed to retain your guitars natural tonal characteristics in a 60 watt all-tube package while still delivering a broad range of punchy, high powered clean and smooth dynamic overdrive. Featuring a versatile pre-amp / power-amp, active shelving tone controls, reverb, and the ability to switch to half power, thie Jim Kelley Single-Channel is sure to deliver any tone you need and more.

Front Panel:

Power Select Switch:
30 Watts for operatation at half power
OFF: Power is switched off
60 Watts for operatation at full power

Acts as an overdrive and a volume control. Adds harmonic sustain, richness and depth when at higher gain settings. (Pulling activates Presence)

Adjusts the boost and cut of treble frequencies. (Pulling activates Bright)

Adjusts the boost and cut of bass frequencies. (Pulling activates Mid-Boost)

Adjusts the amount of reverb introduced into the signal.
Presence (Pull Gain):
Located on the Gain control, this adds high frequencies by alternating the power section's negative feedback.

Bright (Pull Treble):
Located on the Treble control, this provides an additional boost of treble for a glassy edge.   
Mid-Boost (Pull Bass):
Located on the Bass control, this adds thinkness and sustain for "fattening up" lead tones.

HI input is for guitars that use passive or high impedance pickups and the LO input is for guitars with active or low impedance pickups.

Rear Panel:

Footswitchable Post-EQ boost in gain to the output section to increase saturation while keeping the pre-amp clean and punchy.

Speaker Out:
4 and 8 ohm outputs.

Standby Switch:
Standard function standby switch.

Power Tubes: 6V6 (x4)
Preamp Tubes: 12AX7 (x3), 12AT7 (x1)