Jim Kelley 1x12 Wood Combo - Limited Perota and Jute

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Jim Kelley

$ 3,995.00 

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This Jim Kelley Single Channel 1x12 Combo features a Perota Wooden cabinet with jute grill and is part of a limited 25 piece worldwide run!

The Jim Kelley Single-Channel amplifier is designed to retain your guitars natural tonal characteristics in a 60 watt all-tube package while still delivering a broad range of punchy, high powered clean and smooth dynamic overdrive. Featuring a versatile pre-amp / power-amp, active shelving tone controls, reverb, and the ability to switch to half power, thie Jim Kelley Single-Channel is sure to deliver any tone you need and more.

Front Panel:

Power Select Switch:
30 Watts for operation at half power
OFF: Power is switched off
60 Watts for operation at full power
  • Gain:  Acts as an overdrive and a volume control. Adds harmonic sustain, richness and depth when at higher gain settings. (Pulling activates Presence)
  • Treble:  Adjusts the boost and cut of treble frequencies. (Pulling activates Bright)
  • Bass:  Adjusts the boost and cut of bass frequencies. (Pulling activates Mid-Boost)
  • Reverb:  Adjusts the amount of reverb introduced into the signal.
  • Presence (Pull Gain): Located on the Gain control, this adds high frequencies by alternating the power section's negative feedback.
  • Bright (Pull Treble): Located on the Treble control, this provides an additional boost of treble for a glassy edge.
  • Mid-Boost (Pull Bass): Located on the Bass control, this adds thickness and sustain for "fattening up" lead tones.
  • Inputs: HI input is for guitars that use passive or high impedance pickups and the LO input is for guitars with active or low impedance pickups.

Rear Panel

  • Boost:  Footswitchable Post-EQ boost in gain to the output section to increase saturation while keeping the pre-amp clean and punchy.
  • Speaker Out:  4 and 8 ohm outputs.
  • Standby Switch:  Standard function standby switch.
  • Tubes:  Power Tubes: 6V6 (x4)   Preamp Tubes: 12AX7 (x3), 12AT7 (x1)
  • Speaker:  EVM-12L 12" Speaker