Greer Mini Chief Head

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The Greer Mini Chief is a 3 watt beast of an amp. After many requests for a small format amplifier that could be used at home, in the studio, and even at small gigs, Greer decided to produce the Mini Chief.

The Mini Chief features Mercury Magnetics transformers and is handwired using terminal strips. The tube compliment is 1x12AX7 and 1xEL84, cathode biased. Producing 3 beautiful watts, this amp excels at touch sensitivity. While most other amps below 5 watts get "grainy and stringy", the Mini Chief gets angry, like your cousin from down the street after a few too many…this thing is one raucous beast. The tonal range is between small Vox style amps and bigger Marshall style ones. The Mini Chief also features something seldom seen on mini amps—it has 4, 8, and 16 ohm outputs. This amp is a full on, gig-able mini amp, in a beautiful, small box.

We decided to house it in a simple pine head cabinet, with a milk paint finish that has a NITROCELLULOSE topcoat…that’s right…it’s got nitro on it! This amp will be perfect at your home, the studio, or at small gigs…you could even sneak it into your office, if you’re so daring…we won’t be held responsible for you getting fired or anything like that…just get crafty on sneaking a speaker cab in!


3 Watt mini amp
Class A, cathode biased
1xEL84 cathode biased, 1x12AX7 tube compliment
4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outs
Head only