Fender Custom Shop Josefina Handwound ‘50/’51 Blackguard Telecaster Pickup Set

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$ 499.99 

For fans of the unmistakable tone of a Blackguard Tele - punchy lows, fat mids and crisp, twangy highs—the Joesfina Hand-Wound ’50-’51 Blackguard Tele pickups are faithful recreations of the originals. Crafted with large-diameter, unbeveled alnico 3 magnets in the bridge pickup and alnico 5 in the neck, they’re hand-wound using 43-gauge Enamel wire for authentic performance and sound.

Packed with open, lively, full-bodied tone, these pickups host a rare collection of features from the earliest versions of the 1950 Blackguard Tele in existence.

Cover Color: Chrome
DC Resistance: Bridge: 9.73k/ Neck: 7.33k
Magnet Type: Neck: Alnico 5, Bridge: Unbeveled Alnico 3
Magnet Wire: Enamel-coated
Configuration: SS