Dr. Z Carmen Ghia 1x10 Combo, Red, Tan Grille


Dr. Z

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If you've ever wanted a Red Carmen Ghia, this is your last chance.  As of recently, Dr. Z no longer offers Red, so get this one at an awesome discount.  Once it's gone, it's gone gone for good.

Get your Dr. Z Carmen Ghia at Humbucker Music, the largest Dr. Z dealer in the world with the biggest inventory for sale! We know Dr. Z amps like the back of our hands, so if you have question, please ask away!

The Dr.Z Carmen Ghia is one of the most desired amps in the boutique world with unsurpassed longevity in the high-end amp marketplace. This was the first amp offered by Dr. Z Amplifiers nearly 30 ago, and it consistently outsells every other boutique amp out there. Definitely a true classic!

Some people will look at the two knobs (volume and tone) and the 18 watt power rating and wonder if the Carmen Ghia will be able to deliver the goods. Of course, those of us more familiar with tube amp circuitry can attest that "less is more" applies to tube amps perhaps more than any other thing in the known universe. If you fall into the former category, sit back and read a spell. We'd like to educate you a sec if you're up to it. :)

In our physical store, the Dr Z Ghia is an amp we love to put people behind as often as we can (don't worry, we don't sell our floor demo amps on the internet). From the moment people start to play it, they can tell something more is going on. While indeed a seemingly simple circuit, the Carmen Ghia produces very complex tones and is known for being very reactive to the player. Play softer and get cleaner tones. Play a bit harder and hear the gentle overdrive and saturation.. Bite into the strings with attitude and the amp will respond in kind! This kind of quality makes an amp very fun and exciting to play. You may drop into your music room, basement, or rehearsal space for a quick fifteen minute jam and find yourself tied up for hours. It's happened...

As the volume is increased, tones get thicker and fatter and sustain is increased. The Ghia has a respectable and very usable amount of clean headroom, but as with 99% of all single volume amps, it does break up nicely at higher volume settings.

The Carmen Ghia has become a favorite in recording studios around the world, but it's also quite comfortable on stage competing with a rabid drummer. This is 18 watts of all tube, point to point, hand-wired, top quality amp here... It's much louder than the norm.

Power Output:  18 LOUD Watts
Output Tubes:  2 x EL84
Preamp Tubes:  1 x 5751, 1 x 12AX7
Rectifier:  Tube - 5Y3
Controls:  Volume, Tone   
Back panel:  4, 8 and 16 ohm outputs
Circuit Construction: All Hand-wired

1x10" Combo:  Dr. Z Custom 

Dimensions and Weight
1x10 Combo: 17.5" Wide x 17" High x 10" Deep, Weight: 35 lbs