Dr. Z Airbrake Attenuator

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Dr. Z

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The Airbrake has no doubt become one of the most popular amplifier accessories that we sell. The versatility of this attenuator has made it a favorite for all players whether they're in the studio, stage, or simply at home jamming.

On the stage, the Air Brake is a very useful tool to reduce the overall dB level during a performance.  You know how sound guys are these days...  Always wanting you to turn down.  Don't they know good tube amps really start to cook when crunk up on high?  Well, here's the solution!

Example: the beginning of the night (when the club isn't full) click the Air Brake to a level of attenuation to allow for smooth tone at a lower volume level. As the night progresses, reach back and remove degrees of attenuation until the desired level is reached. This will allow you to manage your amp's overall volume without varying from your amp's favorite settings.

At home or in the studio, Dr. Z the Air Brake comes in handy for reducing the volume while still letting your amp do what it does best, run the tubes nice and hot allowing for full output tube distortion. The Air Brake has a "bedroom" level control that, when selected, will allow for fine adjustment and maximum attenuation down to 1 watt.

Quick Features
  • Rating:  Any Amp 100 Watts or Less
  • 6 Different Attenuation Settings:  Off, 1, 2, 3, 4, Bedroom
  • Bedroom Level Fine Tune Adjustment
  • Dimensions:  6" x 9" x 3.75"