Dr. Z Mazerati 30th Anniversary Head - Black, Red

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Dr. Z

$ 1,699.00 

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This head is part of a Limited Run for the 30th Anniversary!

From Dr. Z:

   Touted as a double powered Carmen Ghia with single volume, single tone control yet bolder, richer, and stouter than its little brother. It is loaded with NOS Russian mil-spec 6n14n power tubes, just like the Z-Wreck and Maz 18 models and can cover a wide swath of musical styles. It has more headroom on tap than a Carmen Ghia making it perfect for a player utilizing pedals for gain, delay, and modulation.

The back panel features 4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker outs. 


Construction All Tube, All Hand-Wired, ALL USA MADE!
Power Output 38 Watts
Output Tubes 4 x EL84 (and cathode biased too!)
Preamp Tubes 2 x 12AX7
Rectifier Tube - 5AR4
Controls Volume, Tone
Features 30th Anniversary Package
Head Dims & Weight 19" Wide x 9.75" High x 9.5" Deep - 25 lbs.