Dr. Z Maz 38 Sr Reverb 2x12 - Black

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Get a GREAT deal on this new amp while it lasts. In light of the Mark II, we are blowing this previous version out at a ridiculous price!

Brand New with Full Warranty

The Dr. Z Maz 38 Sr had a very successful eight year production run before being upgraded and enhanced. The updates include additional front-end gain (for a bit more drive at lower volumes), a larger output transformer for a wider bandwidth with clear lows and a less compressed sound. By incorporating the phase inverter design from the MAZ 18 Jr, the MAZ 38 Sr now uses no negative feedback which provides "more, more, more..." More "thickness" more harmonic content, and more sustain. We have also replaced the presence control with the extremely useful "Cut" control, another innovation of the MAZ 18 Jr. So the child reshaped the father, and the MAZ 38 Senior is the result.

The combination of all these improvements "adds some cholesterol" to the notes. This amp allows you to hear everything: pickups, wood, fretboard material, strings, pick attack. Tones are clear, crisp, and responsive to every one of the guitar player's nuances. The design improvements give you all this along with a little more drive and sustain. The new transformer keeps the bass tight, focused, and punchy to give you a great "3-D" clean tone.

Its distortion is described as smooth-as-satin, and it is truly unique. Want to add even more depth to its already luscious tone? Crank on Dr. Z's specially designed Z-verb, and hear the biggest sounding reverb to ever reach your ears.

The Dr. Z MAZ-38 is a truly versatile amp for the working or studio musician. Whether your forte' is Blues, Country, Roots, or Rock, The MAZ 38 Senior will fit the bill.

If you're not sure which MAZ is right for you, please check out our comprehensive DR. Z MAZ BUYERS GUIDE.


Construction All Tube, All Hand-Wired, ALL USA MADE!
Power Output 38 Watts
Output Tubes 4 x EL84 (cathode biased)
Preamp Tubes 4 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7
Rectifier Tube - GZ34
Controls Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Cut, Master Volume, Reverb
Features Built in FX Loop, Footswitchable EQ Bypass (footswitch included)
Configurations Head, 1x12, 2x10, and 2x12
Head Dims & Weight 19" Wide x 9.75" High x 9.5" Deep - 35 lbs
1x12 Dims & Weight 23" Wide x 20 1/8" High x 10" Depth - 69 lbs
1x12 Speaker Configs
12" Celestion G12M-65 Creamback (optional speakers available)
2x10 Dims & Weight 23" Wide x 20 1/8" High x 10" Depth - 69 lbs
2x10 Speaker Config
2x10" Dr. Z Custom Speakers (optional Red Fang AlNiCos +$139 ea)
2x12 Dims & Weight 27.5" Wide x 22 1/8" High x 10" Depth - 80 lbs
2x12 Speaker Config
2x12" Celestion G12H Speakers (Many options - See listings)

Many Configurations and Colors of the Maz 38 Sr Reverb are Available!  CLICK HERE to see them all

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