Dr. Z 1x12 Speaker Cabinet - Black w/ ZW Grill

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Dr. Z

$ 799.00 

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The Dr. Z 1x12 Convertible Cab is a bit different from the rest.  It was designed with removable rear panels so you can go from a closed back to various openback designs easily. 

This speaker cabinet fits perfectly with the Dr. Z 1x12 or 2x10 combos and is a perfect match for any of his heads.

Dimensions:  19.5" High, 22.75" Wide, 10.25" Deep
Weight:         38 lbs
Ohms Rating: 8 Ohms

1x12 Speaker Options:
Celestion Creamback G12M (preferred)
Celestion Vintage 30
Celestion G12H-30  (additional $20)
Celestion AlNiCo Blue (additional $239)
Celestion AlNiCo Gold (additional $279)