Dr. Z 1x10 Dual Speaker Cab - Red / Salt and Pepper


Dr. Z

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The Dr. Z 1x10 Dual Speaker Cab is a perfect portable solution and fits nicely under any of Dr. Z's smaller heads (Carmen Ghia, M12, Monza, Mini-Z, Z-28, Route 66, KT45).

Please Note: This is the very last of the Red / Salt & Pepper dual cabs. The "dual" function lets you use it as a typical 1x10 cab, *OR* you can remove the panel and place your small chassis Dr. Z (Carmen Ghia, M12, Z-28, or Mini-Z) inside it and convert it to a combo.

The instructions for doing this can be found here: http://drzamps.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/1x10.pdf

Don't let the small size fool you.  This cab sounds full and deep compared to most other 10" cabs on the market.  Dr. Z uses void free birch ply for all his cab construction.

Dimensions:  17.5" High, 17" Wide, 10" Deep
Weight:          25 lbs approx.
Ohms Rating: 8 Ohms standard

1x10 Speaker Options:
Stock Eminence Ramrod (75 watts rated)
Eminence Dr. Z Custom 10 (70 watts rated)
Red Fang AlNiCo (50 watts rated) (additional $139)