Dr. Z Z-Plus 1x12 Lite Cab Combo, Blackout

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Dr. Z

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The Z Plus is quite an interesting amp. It uses a power stage design that you don't see too often these days.  It's essentially two single-ended 6V6 circuits running parallel to create 15 watts output. This design gives you a bit more clean headroom than you typically see in a Class A amp.  To do this, the Z-Plus 
uses two 6V6 power tubes running in parallel to each other to amplify the output wattage. This power circuit yields a nice, rich clean tone that transitions as the volume is increased into a gritty, harmonic-laden distortion. Single-ended, Class A operation produces full even-order harmonics which are typically cancelled in traditional push-pull, Class A/B tube amp designs. The result is sparkling and satisfying tone with the full range of 2nd and 4th order harmonics.

For those
not needing the full 15 watts, Dr. Z has included a half-power switch that disengages one side of the power section. This allows the amp run using a single 6V6 at 7 watts. With this, you'll get an earlier breakup and a bit more compression. Definitely a little more vintage "Tweed Champ-ish" than at full power mode.

So how did the Z-Plus come about?  
Joe Walsh recently approached Dr. Z for a new amp to use on the latest Eagles’ tour. He told Z he wanted something remenescent of the recordings he did with the James Gang. Back then, Walsh was using low wattage, single ended Tweeds. Never one to be satisfied with rehashing old designs, Dr. Z and Walsh looked to hi-fi audio amplifiers for inspiration; from this the Z-Plus was born.

The front panel features Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master, and the ever versatile Cut control. Think of the Cut as a tone knob for the output tubes. That may or may not make much sense, but take our word for it. It's quite a powerful control! The output transformer is custom designed for the Z-Plus, built with the highest grade M-6 stacked laments, coupled with Dr. Z's custom all-aluminum chassis, and built like a tank to UL-60065 specifications.

The back panel features 4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker outs. An effects loop is standard, as is the switchable EQ Tone Bypass


Construction: All Tube, All Hand-Wired, ALL USA MADE!
Power Output: 15 or 7 watts (switchable half-power mode)
Output Tubes: 2 x 6V6
Preamp Tubes: 4 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7
Rectifier: Tube - 5AR4
Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Cut, and Master Volume, Reverb
Variable Boost Footswitch included
Dimensions: 22.5" Wide x 20" High x 10" Depth
Weight: 38 lbs
Speaker: 12" Dr. Z Z12 Speaker (many options available)

Many Configurations and Colors of the Z-Plus are Available! CLICK HERE to see them all

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