Dr. Z Z-Lux Head - Blonde - Tan Grill


Dr. Z

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The new Dr. Z Z-LUX amplifier is a new and improved version of the older Dr. Z JAZ 20/40. In case you haven't had an opportunity to hear the JAZ, it's one of the best amps Dr. Z has ever made, and those who own them rarely ever let them go. Essentially, it's the front end of a MAZ Reverb with the 6V6 power section from the much loved Remedy. In addition to the tremolo circuit, it also has a foot-switchable boost, a half power switch that takes the power down to 20 watts, and a master volume.

The new ultra light cab of the 1x12 Z-Lux combo was specifically designed in conjunction with the included new 12" Z-12 speaker. Dr. Z teamed up with Eminence to design the American voiced Z-12 speaker so that it would mate well with the wattage of the amp and the increased resonance from the ultra Lite cab. Put all of this together, and you have Dr. Z's fullest featured amp to date!

So, with all that said, perhaps you're wondering where this amp sits in the wide world of guitar amplification? As you may already know, Dr. Z is well known for NOT imitating anyone. Not a single amp he makes is a knock off of anything else out there. Dr. Z amps all have their own flavor for sure, but it's safe to say this amp leans heavily toward the classic mid-sixties Fender Deluxe Reverb.


Circuit Construction:   Handwired (like every single Dr. Z amp)
Power Output:
40 watts / 20 watts
Power Tubes:
4 x 6V6
5 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7
Speaker Outs:
4, 8, and 16 ohms
Footswitchable EQ Tonestack Bypass

Tube Driven Reverb

Tube Tremolo

Half Power Switch
Head Dimensions:
22.75" Wide x 10.5" High x 10" Deep
Head Weight:
35 lbs
Combo Dimensions:
20.5" Wide x 19.25" High x 10.5" Deep
Combo Weight:
42 lbs

For those that remember the JAZ 20/40
, the Z-Lux is very similar with the following improvements:
  • Dr. Z designed a new ultra Lite 1x12 cab for the combo that reduces the overall weight down to 42 pounds. This design also increases resonance and openness of the tone, making it not quite as tight as the older, stiffer cab.
  • The Tremolo is now instant on, instead of the older JAZ tremolo circuit that had a bit of a delay when turning it on.
  • Dr. Z now uses hand rolled Jupiter Coupling Caps, Mallory 150s and classic orange drop caps for added richness and harmonics of the tone.
  • The added footswitchable Boost on the Z-Lux doesn't take the EQ completely out of the circuit so the boost isn't as severe as the EQ Bypass on the MAZ, but it provides a nice drive for lead tones.
  • The main filtering is softened, which adds to the swell of the notes, sustain, and feel under the strings.
  • The combo now comes with the new custom designed Dr. Z Z-12 50 watt American voiced speaker.
  • New half power switch reduces output from 40 to 20 watts of 6V6 power