Dr. Z Z-28 MK II 1x12 Combo Amp, Red

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Dr. Z

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For the new Dr. Z Z-28 MK II Combo, the power section has received an upgrade, sporting dual 5881 power tubes pushing the output power up to 30-32 bold, muscular watts. Dr. Z's experience with these power tubes in the Z-MASTER and NOVA have put them up at the top of his design list, allowing the player to coax American-esque clean tones reminiscent of the mid 60s, but also drive them into harmonic overload similar to the classic British amps of the “Invasion” era, without the quirky artifacts found in those designs. Further separating it from both the older Z-28 and those vintage designs, the inclusion of the Mk. II-style Post-Phase Inverter Master Volume allows for volume control at any decibel level, from stage to studio, bedroom to practice room. What’s old is new again!

Also taking from the Z-MASTER, Dr. Z loaded the Z-28 Mk. II into it’s extremely resonant and lightweight cabinet, replacing the 3-hole baffle with a 1×12 design and a Celestion Creamback, a speaker noted for it’s full, articulate midrange and warm, smooth high end. The Z-faithful will also welcome the return of the red tolex (1×12 combo only) back to the lineup for this amp exclusively, matching the stylish trim of the muscle cars of yesteryear this amp takes its inspiration from. Muscular but sleek, nimble without being outclassed under the hood, the Z-28 Mk. II takes a legendary Z-AMP design into 2022.


Power Output:
Output Tubes: 2 x 5881
Preamp Tubes: 1 x EF86, 1 x 12AX7
Rectifier: 1 x 5AR4
Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Master Volume
Dimensions & Weight: 22" Wide, 21 1/2" High, 10 5/8" Deep, 38 lbs