Dr. Z Remedy Head - Black


Dr. Z

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All our Dr. Z Remedy heads are the latest version with Master Volume and EQ/Tonestack Bypass.

That's right! Dr. Z has added a very effective PPIMV (post phase inverter master volume) to the Remedy, as well as a footswitchable EQ/Tonestack Bypass. We're assuming you know what a Master Volume is, but in case you're wondering about the EQ Bypass, this allows you to take the EQ circuit (Bass, Middle, Treble) out of the circuit by using the supplied footswitch. This will make your signal hotter, giving a bit of a volume boost as well as noticeably increasing the gain. Your mids will also be increased giving a bit of a thicker midrange tone. The only caveat is you'll not have tone controls while the bypass is enabled.

About the Dr. Z Remedy

Winner of the Guitar Player Editor's Pick Award, The Dr Z Remedy Head is one of the most in demand amps out there. If you're looking for the unmistakable tone of a all-tube hand-wired Plexi style circuit, then you've found it. Dr. Z chose a 4 x 6V6 power section running at a LOUD 40 watts to deliver the goods to you and everyone in a ten mile vicinity! Nah, it's not that loud, but trust us, you WILL NOT be begging for more. In fact, The good Dr. even included a half power switch (drops to 20 watts) to reduce the bleeding. After all, he is a Doctor, right?

Anyway, the Dr. Z Remedy uses a "blended volume" layout as opposed to a Gain/Master Volume you see on most amps. Remember the old Marshall Plexi heads with multiple inputs that you would jumper to get the tone and crunch you were looking for? Well, no worries here since Dr. Z has taken care of that internally. This setup is MUCH easier to work with. In fact, it could be argued that it's the way Marshall should have done it back in the day, but we'll save that argument for Facebook or the like. 

For the Remedy, Dr. Z started with the 6V6 power section, and worked backward from there.  Dr Z says: "6V6s have such a warm sound with a really sweet top end. EL84s are brilliant, but they can be a little shrill and harsh in the top end in a way that 6V6s never are. The mid-range is also very transparent, so when you hit them with that Marshall-y mid-range it works great."


Power Output: 40 watts / 20 watts (via a half power switch)
Power Tubes: 4 x 6V6
Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
Controls: Volume High, Volume Normal, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master Volume
Speaker Outs: 4, 8, and 16 ohms
Features: Footswitchable EQ Tonestack Bypass
Dimensions: 19" Wide 9.75" High 9.5" Deep
Weight: 33 lbs