Divided By 13 FTR 37 Head, 1x12 Cab, Black, Cream V

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Divided By 13

$ 4,548.00 

Get your Divided by 13 FTR 37 Head and 1x12 Cab from Humbucker Music, a premium dealer with a huge selection of Divided by 13 Amplifiers for sale.

The FTR 37 covers a wide array of tones by capturing and exceeding some of the best that Marshall (think JTM-45) and old school Fender had to offer. From 1 to 10 it produces the most pure and bodied clean tones, to varying degrees of medium and over-the-top types of complex and full-bodied overdrive.

Coupled with the exterior switching/boost device, the Switchazel, the flexibility available in both channels, either separate or blended, offer an infinite array of guitar tones rarely thought possible for the music maker of today.

Head Specifications:
37 Watts, Class AB1/A (18 Watts in half-power mode)
2 Discreet Channels
CH 1: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb
CH 2: Volume, Click
Push/Pull Mid Gain Boost
Tube Driven Reverb
Half Power Switch
Preamp Tubes: 1 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7, 1 x 5879
Power Tubes: 4 x 6V6 GT
Rectifier Tube: 5AR4/GZ34
4, 8, 16 Ohm output
Head Dimensions and Weight: 27.25 W x 11.25" H x 8" D, 43 lbs


2x12 Cab Specifications:
Speakers: Celestion 12" G12H + 12" G12B

Dimensions and Weight: 27.75 W x 21.25" H x 10.5" D