Divided By 13 BTR 23 Head, Vintage Vanilla, Cream V

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Divided By 13

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Get your Divided by 13 BTR 23 Amp from Humbucker Music, a premium dealer with a huge selection of Divided by 13 Amplifiers for sale.

The Divided By 13 BTR 23 was developed for Brian Ray (Paul McCartney's guitarist). It features a truly unique and stand-alone sonic signature combining the best attributes of several of our favorite British amp formats, from the speed, sensitivity, and dynamics of Vox tones, to the Marshall like mid-range punch and aggressive drive, topped off with the very unique roaring, powerful, creamy and articulate overdrive reminiscent of Hiwatt.

The BTR 23 also employs a push/pull on the volume to offer additional gain where needed, and a transparent and highly effective master volume to make it more agreeable with on stage application, while still maintaining the single note chord definition at all ranges from 1 to 10. Super impressive!

23 Watts, Class AB1/A
Single Channel
Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master Volume
Push/Pull Gain Boost
Preamp Tubes: 12AX7s
Power Tubes: 2 x KT88
Rectifier Tube: 5AR4/GZ34
4, 8, 16 Ohm output

Dimensions and Weight: 22" W x 11.25" H x 10.5" D, 38 lbs