Carr Skylark 1x12 Combo Amp, Brown Gator

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The Carr Skylark Combo is quite possibly the ultimate low-power American inspired guitar amplifier! The Skylark is Carr's nod to the much loved smaller 60's American amplifiers such as the Fender Harvard and Tweed Deluxe. The guitar world has seen quite a resurgence in the popularity of these lower wattage American voiced amps, not only because they sound awesome, but they deliver the saturated tube tone at much more manageable volumes.

The Carr Skylark also incorporates an extremely usable built in attenuator, which can be turned on or off. When the attenuator is off, the amp supplies its full 12-watt output, and when it's on, a control allows users to adjust output between 1/100 to 1.2 watts. Why 1.2 watts? Trust us, 1.2 watts from this amp is louder than you might think.
Typically, a 12 watt amplifier will only provide cleans at the lowest volumes, but the Skylark delivers an impressive array of tones, including full, punchy cleans with a decent amount of headroom. As well, you can get a nice assortment of overdriven tones such as blues, classic rock, and smooth, singing distorted lead overdrive.

As will all Carr reverbs, this only leaves nothing to be desired! It provides studio quality reverb that's thick and lush. Want to play surf tunes. No problem! It can handle that easily as well!

Like all Carr Amplifiers we have for sale, they are built with the highest quality components available using true point-to-point circuit construction. Add to that Carr's wonderful attention to aesthetics, and a top of the line amp that both sounds phenomenal and is visually spectacular.


Power Output:  12 Watts (built in switchable attenuator - 1.2 Watts down to Zero)
Output Tubes:  2 x 6V6GT (cathode biased)
Preamp Tubes:  2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7
Controls:  Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Presence
Switches:  Hi/Lo Gain, 12 Watt / 2 Watt, Power/Standby
Dims & Weight:  21" Wide x 17 High x 9" Depth - 36 lbs
Speaker Config:  Celestion 12" A Type
Additional:    Lush, All-Tube driven Reverb!100% True point-to-point wiringSolen Aerospace Satellite power supply capacitors, Custom Carr power/output transformers, Cathode Biased (self-biasing),  Dove-tailed cabinet construction,  Local made saddle leather handle

Carr Skylark Owners Manual - 657kb PDF Format