Carr Lincoln 1x12 Combo Amp - Slub / Slate

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The Carr Lincoln has truly got us very excited here at Humbucker Music!  It may be one of the most versatile handwired amps we've ever come across!

The Lincoln is a two channel amp featuring two EL84's in the power stage delivering 18 watts (switchable to 6 watts) of British tone!

Channel One ranges from "Voxy Top-Boostish" type cleans to a slight overdrive while Channel Two delivers heavy, creamy, crunchy overdrive similar to a master volume Plexi. Each channel features a High/Low switch that boosts the gain for that channel. There's also has a nifty 18/6 switch that takes the 18 watt output and drops it to a nice, manageable 6 watts. Oh, and get this... The Lincoln has tube driven reverb on both channels with INDEPENDENT reverb controls. Nice!

The 2 button footswitch selects the channel and the high/low gain for channel 2.

It's safe to say the Carr Lincoln was designed to cover a lot of ground!

But let's not leave out the quality of construction.  Like all Carr Amplifiers, the Lincoln is handwire and features a dove tailed jointed yellow pine cabinet for superior tone.


Configuration:  1x12 Combo (with Celestion Creamback M-65)
Power: 18/6 Watts (switchable)
Tubes: 4 x  12AX7 (preamp) 2 x EL-84 (power amp)
Channels: 2
Controls: Volume, Normal/Bright, Treble, Bass, Reverb - Drive, Hi/Low, Tone, Master, Reverb, 18/6 Watts
Switches: Normal/Bright, Hi/Low, 18/6 Watts
Footswitch: Yes, two button - channel + OD channal Hi/Low
Reverb: Yes, tube driven with both channels having individual controls
FX Loop: No
Dimensions: 24" Wide x 16" High x 9" Deep 
Weight: 40 lbs

Carr Lincoln Manual (pdf):  CLICK HERE