$100 Humbucker Music Gift Certificate

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Humbucker Music

$ 100.00 


We know!  Musicians are certainly a breed all to themselves. And when it comes to their music gear, they know exactly what they want!  But just in case you don't, a Humbucker Music Gift Certificate makes the perfect gift. They are available in several denominations ranging from $50-$1000.

Gift certificates are redeemable towards a purchase of anything in our store. They are not transferable, nor can they be redeemed for cash. They do expire in one (1) year from date of issue which is indicated on the certificate itself.

Gift certificates are numbered and signed, therefore they cannot be emailed. If you're working against a tight deadline, give us a call at the shop so we can best determine a shipping method to make you look the hero. All gift certificates are sent via U.S. Mail or UPS unless otherwise specified at the time of order.  Since they're the same as cash, a signature may be required for delivery.

To redeem a gift certificate, the recipient can give us a call at the shop to place an order or send us an email. We will need the certificate number in order to process a redemption order.