Ordering a Moog Modular System

If you are interested in ordering one of Moog Modular Systems, please contact us at (706) 866-2161 or via email at:

A 20% deposit* will get the order going and at that moment (as in immediately) we will contact Moog Music with your order and confirm the details.

Because Moog Music is wanting to ensure a perfect customer experience, they are asking that we provide them with your contact information so they can get in touch with you and provide a secondary confirmation of your order.  At this time, Moog will also let you know your place in line for production and shipment.

Approximately 30 days before the estimated ship date, The Moog Sales Department will contact Humbucker Music to let us know the approximate ship date. We will then contact you to make all necessary payment and shipment arrangements.  Moog estimates that it will take approximately 18 months to ship all of the System 55s, System 35s, System 15s, Sequencer Complement B Expansion Cabinets, and 61-Key Duophonic Keyboards that they plan to build.

*  Deposits can be made by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, Cashiers Check, Bank Check, or Bank Wire Transfer.  All balances for the Moog Modular Systems will need to be paid via
Cashiers Check, Bank Check, or Bank Wire Transfer.  The fees are very high for credit cards and PayPal, so a discount of 2% will be provided for these payment methods.  All international deposits and balances will need to be paid via bank wire transfer.