We think Dennis Fano is not only a master luthier, he's an artist!  His Alt de Facto guitars are truly unique, with a nod to some of the classic vintage American guitars.  His aging techniques are known by many as some of the best and most authentic out there.  He's best known for his JM6, RB6, and SP6 model guitars.  

Eventhough his guitars are built on a solid foundation of classic aesthetics and time tested woods like alder, swamp ash and mahogany, they feature many improvements like compound radius fingerboards, TonePros and Gotoh hardware, ToneStyler Tone Pots, and custom wound Fralin and Lollar pickups that deliver a wide range of tones suitable for any style of music.

Each Fano guitar is individually handcrafted one at a time, so no two are alike.