Victoria Amplifier 45410 4x10 Combo, Half Power Switch

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The Victoria 45410 Amplifier is a truly faithful rendition of the much loved 1959 Fender Bassman.

Mark's attention to detail on this amplifier is so great that he had special Victoria designed capacitors fashioned to sound exactly like an aged cap! Remarkable!

As you may know, other recreations of
'59 Bassman amps from other companies suffer from cold and chiseled tones compared to their vintage counterparts. Not this one! The 45410 is a complex, detailed, and dynamic amplifier that responds to pick attack like no other amp on the planet. It's also a rock solid bass amp for recording and club work. 


Output: 45 / 22 watts
Upgrades: Half Power Switch Included

Circuit Design: 5F6-A
Class A/B Adjustable Fixed Bias, Push Pull
Tube Configuration: 1 x GZ34, 2 x 5881, 2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AY7
Speaker: 4 x Eminence Legend 1028 ***
Dimensions: 23" x 24" x 10.5"
Weight: 48 lbs

*** Victoria previously used Jensen speakers until about 4 years ago when they changed to the Eminence Legend 1028. The change came about when Jensen changed the cone material of the speaker making it darker, sluggish, and more prone to cone distortion. The Eminence is noticeably livelier, dynamic and more responsive like a vintage Jensen.