Victoria Amplifier Double Deluxe 2x12 Combo, Half Power Switch

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$ 2,899.00 


The Victoria Double Deluxe Amp is for those out there who love a Tweed Deluxe, but just want more of it!  Double the Power, double the speakers. As of now, all Double Deluxe amps here at Humbucker Music now come with a nifty half power switch.

Featuring 4 6V6GT's in the power stage, this cathode biased amp will allow you to use either a 5Y3 or 5AR4 rectifier tube for 30W or 40W of power. The Double Deluxe is one of Victoria's most dynamic and 'fun' amps to play, and it's a very inspiring instrument in skilled hands. The Victoria Double Deluxe is like two Deluxes in one cabinet!

Needless to say, Victoria Amplifiers use the most accurate components available with absolutely no compromises. You won't find a better built amp!

Output: 30 or 40 watts (depending on rectifier tube)
Upgrades: Half Power Switch
Circuit Design: 5F3 Type, Class A Push/Pull Operation, Cathode Biasing
Tube Configuration: 1 x 5AR4, 6 x 6V6, 1 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AY7
Speaker: 2 x Eminence Legend 12"
Dimensions: 21" x 24.5" x 10.5"
Weight: Coming soon!

The Victoria Double Deluxe is available for sale here at Humbucker Music!