Lava Ultramafic 230 Soldered Pedal Board Kit

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The Lava Tightrope 230 Soldered Pedal Board Kit contains 10 of the new Lava 230 pancake style flat plug and 10' of their Tightrope cable, as well as heatshrink tubing and a stripping tool.

Lava Cable has partnered with Switchcraft to introduce next generation pancake-style plug the Lava 230. Improving on the “original” and popular Switchcraft 228 plug, the Lava 230 plug features two plated copper alloy solder contacts and a Mylar shorting protector along with a single piece tip and rod assembly for greater strength and reliability. The Lava 230 plug has a body width of only .425” and a capacitance is just 8 pF.

Included insulators prevent shorting and it is perfect for switchers, racks, and pedal boards where space is at a premium. The Lava Soldered Pedal Board Kit is the ideal choice for any musician wanting reliability and uncompromising tone with virtually no signal loss. 

Lava Tightrope is a 20 AWG, low capacitance (32 pF/ft) solid-core patch cable.

Includes:  10' Tightrope + Lava 230 Pancake Connectors + heatshrink tubing  + Stripping tool