Nash Custom Bass Configurator

This Nash Custom Bass Configuator supports the following Nash Custom Basses: PB-52, PB-55, PB-57, PB63, JB-5, and JB63

If you're interested in a custom Nash Bass Guitar, here are some things you should know:

1)  Nash makes his custom basses in varying and unpredictable stages, and it is very hard to pinpoint a standard "lead time".  We have ordered some from him that took a month to come in, and the next time we ordered, it took 3 months.  Because of this uncertainly, he has had a lot of customers emailing and calling them to get an ETA and he just doesn't have the manpower to answer emails and phone calls.  He says he could hire someone to do it, but then he'd just have to charge more to cover the cost of additional employees.  Makes sense to us...  Besides, that's what we are for.  :)

2)  Every Bass is different, and Nash will not relic them all the same way.  We can make "gentle suggestions" to Nash, but they will be done his way and there's not really a lot we can do about it.  We can, however, specify light, medium, heavy, or extra-heavy aging, and we have also had some luck with specifying light or heavy forearm wear, but there just are no firm guarantees per se from Nash.

3)  Specs can *slightly* vary depending on the bass.  If you could put your hands on five different 1963 P-basses, you'd see where each one was built a bit different from the other.  The neck thicknesses may all be close, but due to the hand-built nature and personal builder finishing techniques, each neck would have it's own dimensions.  Sure, the basic shape, width, etc would be close, but no two would be exactly alike.  Same with the Nash basses.  

The only reason we bring these up is it seems like about one out of every thirty or so Nash guitars we sell we run into a person with *very specific* tastes. He wants his guitar to be precisely a certain way with neck tolerances down to the ten thousandths of an inch, and we just can't guarantee that. By the same token, attaining these specific specs could never be achieved by purchasing a real vintage guitar as well.  Nothing at all wrong with being that specific if that's what a customer wants, but it's just impossible for us to guarantee it.

Now, with all that said, Nash is one of the most loved guitar brands we sell.  Over the years, the return rate is practically nil and everyone has been impressed with the aesthetics, feel, and tone of every one (we typically use Lollar hand-wound pickups in our Nash guitars).