The Morgan AC20 Deluxe has become Morgan's best selling guitar amp, and is essentially an all hand-wired, fully modded version of his very popular AC20.  The Deluxe includes the ability to switch from an EF86 preamp circuit to 12AX7, Normal *or* Brilliant channel voicing, and Power Scaling, making it one of the most versatile Vox styles amps out there!

Morgan based this amp off of the "Normal" channel of an AC30, but intentionally voiced it a bit darker.  All the chime and growl is still there without the annoying "icepick in the ear" that plagues most Vox designs.  It's also a more usable wattage.  An AC30 is 36 watts, and to acheive real tone they have to be cranked!  Believe me, 36 watts of EL84 power can peel paint off the walls.  With the AC20 Deluxe, you're loud enough to play over a typical drummer without having to blow the windows out to get the tone you need. 

Power Output: 20 Watts, Cathode Biased
Tubes: Power:  2 x EL84, Preamp: 1 x EF86, 2 x 12AX7, Rectifier: GZ34
Controls: Volume, Cut, Power Level (Scaling), Bright Switch, Normal/Brilliant Switch, EF86/12AX7 Switch
Features: Mercury Magnetics Transformers, Hand-Made Coupling Caps