Mesa Boogie Tube Kit - Fillmore 25

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Humbucker Music

$ 164.94 

This is a Tube Kit designed to replace all of the tubes in your Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 Head or Combo Amp. 

The Standard Kit includes:

2x Mesa Premium Matched 6V6 Tubes
5x Mesa 12AX7 Preamp Tubes

Also available are the SPAX7 Premium Grade Preamp Tube upgrade for an additional $15.00

MESA SPAX7 preamp tubes are a low noise super-premium grade substitute for any 12AX7 positions - They are a "Special Requirement Preamp Tube" that possess an even higher standard of overall performance, due to their incredibly low sensitivity to microphonic noise - This is the ultimate preamp tube to use in all critical gain stage positions - It is the absolute best of the best!