Dr. Z Z-Lux

The new Dr. Z Z-LUX amp is a new and improved version of the older Dr. Z JAZ 20/40. The JAZ was one of the best amps Dr. Z ever made, and those who own them rarely ever let them go. Essentially, it's the front end of a MAZ Reverb with the 6V6 power section from the Remedy. In addition to tremolo, it features a foot-switchable boost, a half power switch that takes the power down to 20 watts, and master volume.

The new ultra light cab of the 1x12 Z-Lux combo was specifically designed in conjunction with the included new 12" Z-12 speaker. Dr. Z teamed up with Eminence to design the American voiced Z-12 speaker so that it would mate well with the wattage of the amp and the increased resonance from the ultra Lite cab. Put all of this together, and you have Dr. Z's fullest featured amp to date! 

So where does this amp sit in the world of guitar amps? Dr. Z amps all have their own flavor for sure, but it's safe to say this amp leans heavily toward the classic mid-sixties Fender Deluxe Reverb.