Paul Cochrane Timmy 15th Anniversary V3 Overdrive Pedal

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Paul C Audio

$ 149.99 

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October 25th Note:  Paul's suppliers have had some hiccups, so the latest ETA is now Halloween. If you know Paul, that's actually quite fitting. The man loves Halloween! Anyway, Not sure how many we'll have, but they're coming.

We are limiting everyone to just one Timmy V3 pedal per person/order. We have lot's of people on the email notification list, so we want to respect everyone's wishes to get one of these as best we can in the fairest way possible.

The Paul Cochrane Timmy 15th Anniversary Pedal brings about a few changes to the venerable Timmy. But don't worry! At its heart it is essentially the same pedal, but with some considerable tweaks.

1) The external switch is now a gain boost, offering far more gain range than any previous version of Paul's pedals.

2) The amount of overdrive from the Gain pot has actually been reduced so that it works much better with BOTH positions of the Gain Boost switch. It's now easier to dial in precisely where you want the breakup level to be.

3) Non-reversed Bass & Treble pots. The non-reversed pots addresses those that wished for a more intuitive and conventional knob function. No more turning the bass and treble knobs up to reduce the frequencies.

4) The 1458 opamp is back! How is it different than the standard 4559? Paul feels it's a tiny (and he does mean TINY) bit less harsh on the top end and a bit less saturated. Still, you have to "squint your ears" to hear it, as Paul says.

5) The symmetrical/asymmetrical clipping switch has been moved to an internal dip switch, which is the previous top and middle position of the switch.

Note: The 15th Anniversary Timmy V3 will only be available in one color scheme: Blue with a special silhouette graphic. We'll have pics up the moment they are available to us.

The Timmy pedal has always been known for it's ability to provide a transparent overdrive to your amplifier while retaining the amps original tone. It's a fairly common thing for an overdrive to color tone, so why invest in a $1500 plus amp only to change it's inherent sound, right?

At low settings you will be able to effortlessly achieve a sound that is simply "more" of what your amp already offers. As the gain is turned up, and the pedal's EQ adjusted accordingly, smooth, singing, round and reedy tones are at your fingertips.

The Timmy pedal's responsiveness is exactly like that of a great, tube amplifier in that it responds immediately to your right hand's attack.

The Paul Cochrane Timmy is absolutely a legend in the world of overdrive pedals, and has been copied to a large degree over the years by several knock offs.


* 9 Volt battery or AC adapter operation
* Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble, Volume, External Gain Boost Switch, Internal Clipping Switch