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"How do we deliver legendary Two-Rock cleans with dirty versatility in a streamlined, low wattage package?" That was the challenge faced by Two-Rock designers Bill Krinard and Chad Mangrum. Their defining insight was to start from the outside in.

Thus, Two-Rock focused long and hard on the amp exoskeleton. They saw that if they gutted the middle and located all the performance elements at the top and bottom of the chassis they could achieve a uniquely streamlined, high performance look, feel and footprint.

The result is the EXO 15 6V6, tube rectified, class AB amp. In its sleek, exoskeleton designed all-metal chassis this 15 Watt amp gives you peerless Two-Rock cleans with plenty of dirty versatility. Treble, Mid, and Bass controls allow for classic Two-Rock tone shaping while the Gain and Master controls supply just the right amount of clean to dirty ratios. The Contour control was added for extra global frequency shaping. We added pedals to the front input of the amp for even more versatility. Pre Amp Out and Power Amp In jacks on the rear of the amp give you a passive loop for time based effects. 4, 8,and 16 OHM jacks allow you to connect to the EXO 1x12 speaker cab or any cab of your choice.


Tubes: 2 x 6V6, 1 x 5AR4 Rectifier Tube, 2 x 12AX7
Treble, Mid and Bass tone stack
Passive Effects loop - Pre Amp In/Power Amp Out
Contour Control
4, 8, and 16 OHM Speaker Outputs
Lit controls on the front panel
Size: L-12" x W- 8" x H- 7"
Weight: 13.5 LBS