Suhr Badger 30 Head - Cream

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The Suhr Badger Amp lineup includes the 18, 30, and 35. While each share similar preamp stages, the individual power sections create three distinctly different amplifiers.

The Suhr Badger 18 has elements of Vox and lower wattage Marshall amps, but it doesn't quite sound like any of the classic UK vintage amplifiers.  It has its very own tonality with a very broad range of sounds covering a wide spectrum of clean to overdriven tones typically not found in amps of this class. This new little beast of an amp also offers unmatched flexibility with a defeatable Drive control (pseudo master volume), and the defeatable Power Scaling feature for great cranked amp tones at low volume levels.

The Suhr Badger 30 is more than simply a more powerful version of the extremely popular Badger 18. Featuring EL34 power tubes, a larger output transformer and a tweaked preamp voicing to better match the tubes and the tranny, the Badger 30 not only has more power and headroom than the Badger 18, it has more aggressive and pronounced midrange that is punchier with a tighter and more focused lows.  It's a bit more reminiscent of 50 watt EL34 Marshall amps.  Although called the Badger 30, this handsome little beast puts out 38 watts and has enough power to cut through a dense stage mix and handle medium-sized clubs and similar size venues such as a church.

The Suhr Badger 35 amplifier is the latest addition to the Badger line.  It's a mid-wattage amp with a innovative design that allows you to dial in many classic tones at any volume. Sporting a quad EL84 power section the Badger 35 can achieve a wide array of British tones from warm complex cleans, vox-ish British bite, and classic British high gain. And if volume is any concern of yours then the Badger 35 can assist you there as well. Like the others in the Badger line, the power scaling feature allows you to dial in the tones you want all the way down to one watt.

The Suhr Badger amps can operate in 3 distinct modes for a variety of musical situations. 

MODE ONE: The first is the non-master-volume mode. When the Drive and Power knobs on the far left of the front panel are turned all the way up, they are out of the circuit. This means the Gain control on the far right becomes the volume control. The EQ section of Treble, Middle, and Bass act as normal.

This is the ultimate in simplicity like the great non-master vintage amps and ideal for playing in small clubs and venues where you can really get the power section involved in the tone you're getting. 

MODE TWO:  The second mode of the Badger kicks in once you bring the Drive control into the circuit. The Drive controls the amount of signal being sent into the power section, which in turn controls the volume level. The Gain knob now acts as a preamp gain control. This mode is the familiar "master volume" setting on virtually all modern guitar amps being produced out there today. 

MODE THREE:  The third mode engages the unique and extremely effective Power Scaling feature. In this mode, the Drive control becomes like a secondary gain control and the Power knob controls the overall volume. With careful balancing of the settings of the Drive and Power control knobs, you can get power tube overdrive from moderate to bedroom volume levels with a full transparent tone without the squashed compression artifacts of most attenuators and load boxes. With the Badger, you now have total control over your tone and volume from the clubs to churches to garage rehearsals to home recording to late-night practicing in your bedroom.

The Power Scaling feature, licensed from London Power, lowers the wattage to the power amp, allowing the power tubes to clip. The tubes run cooler and aren't running as hard compared to using the speaker load while still retaining the interaction of the tubes and speaker(s). This proprietary technology allows the output power of an audio amplifier to be dialed down from 100% to less than 1%. This requires a modification to the amplifier's power supply.

Unlike external attenuators or load boxes, which interfere with the amp-speaker interface, Power Scaling does not alter that relationship between the output tubes and the speakers. Tube life will be greatly enhanced by the Power Scale circuit as well. What you get is improved transparency, less squash, more natural and pleasing compression, and the sound of the power tubes working hard. Add the tube-buffered effects loop with a fixed level send for use with both instrument-level pedals and line-level rack effects and you've got one very versatile tone machine ready for a variety of environments and musical situations.



Power Output:  Badger 18
 18 Watts

 Badger 30
 38 Watts

 Badger 35
 35 Watts
Output Tubes:  Badger 18  2 x EL84

 Badger 30
 2 x EL34

 Badger 35
 4 x EL84
Preamp Tubes:  All models
 3 x 12AX7
 Badger 18  5Y3 Tube Rectified

 Badger 30
 Solid State Rectified

 Badger 35
 Solid State Rectified
Controls:  All Models
 Power, Drive, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain
FX Loop:  All Models
 Yes - Tube Buffered
 Badger 18
 Dual 4 Ohm, Dual 8 Ohm

 Badger 30
 Dual 4 Ohm, Dual 8 Ohm

 Badger 35
 Dual with switch for 4, 8, and 16 ohms
 All Heads
 20.5" wide x 9.25" high x 8.25" deep

 All Combos
 20.5" wide x 24.75" high x 11" deep
 Badger 18 Head
 25 lbs

 Badger 30 Head
 30 lbs

 Badger 35 Head  31 lbs

 Badger 18 Combo  61 lbs  (with WGS Veteran 30 Speaker)

 Badger 30 Combo
 66 lbs  (with WGS Veteran 30 Speaker)

 Badger 35 Combo  67 lbs  (with WGS Veteran 30 Speaker)
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