Dr. Z Airbrake Attenuator

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The Airbrake has no doubt become one of the most popular amplifier accessories that we sell. The versatility of this attenuator has made it a favorite for all players whether they're in the studio, stage, or simply at home jamming.

On the stage, the Air Brake is a very useful tool to reduce the overall dB level during a performance.  You know how sound guys are these days...  Always wanting you to turn down.  Don't they know good tube amps really start to cook when crunk up on high?  Well, here's the solution!

Example: the beginning of the night (when the club isn't full) click the Air Brake to a level of attenuation to allow for smooth tone at a lower volume level. As the night progresses, reach back and remove degrees of attenuation until the desired level is reached. This will allow you to manage your amp's overall volume without varying from your amp's favorite settings.

At home or in the studio, Dr. Z the Air Brake comes in handy for reducing the volume while still letting your amp do what it does best, run the tubes nice and hot allowing for full output tube distortion. The Air Brake has a "bedroom" level control that, when selected, will allow for fine adjustment and maximum attenuation down to 1 watt.

Quick Features
  • Rating:  Any Amp 100 Watts or Less
  • 6 Different Attenuation Settings:  Off, 1, 2, 3, 4, Bedroom
  • Bedroom Level Fine Tune Adjustment
  • Dimensions:  6" x 9" x 3.75"

Dr Z UL Certified

Dr Z Amps are officially UL/CSA certified!  They're also CE certified for the rest of the world.  To our knowledge, they are the only boutique amp manufacturer with models that are UL certified. It's a very long and expensive ordeal and rightfully so, they are quite proud to offer amps that are tested and certified for safety, reliability, and durability.

Dr. Z Amplification are tested and spot checked quarterly by ETL to insure their building methods and materials meet the strict requirements for certification.

Other than safety, why is this important?
  UL Certification also requires a manufacturer to build for durability and reliability.  The chassis, solder points, transformers, etc have to meet certain criteria, such as:

Vibration :  Such as withstanding a bumpy road in the back of your car.
Shock Resistance #1 : Shock, as in impact, not electricity.  Not all amps survive a fall or accidental drop.
Shock Resistance #2 :  Ok, now it's about electricity!  :)
And the list goes on, but you get the picture.

The point is, it's truly rare, if not non-existant, that a hand-wired custom amplifier company puts themselves out there to be scrutinized by firms who literally spcialize in looking for reasons to shut them down.  In our opinion, that speaks volumes about Dr. Z and their build quality.  It gives us confidence in them, and in our opinion, it should you as well.

If you would like more information about Dr. Z's certification, please click the image below to read the report.

- Humbucker Music

d. z ul certification number


All Dr. Z Amps come with a 3 year limited warranty.  This warranty covers any defects in manufacturing, and/or internal components.  Like all amp builders, items such as tubes and speakers aren't covered for the full duration, but those do come with a 90 day warranty.

For more information concerning Dr. Z Amplifiers and their warranty, feel free to contact us.  We'll be happy to assist!