Two-Rock Studio 50/15 1x12 Combo

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$ 2,195.00 

Studio 50/15 1x12 Combo

Two Power Modes: 15 or 50 watts, 6L6 Powered

Two-Rock is know for their amazing clean tones and the the new Two-Rock Studio 50/15 Amplifier is no different. Designed to be a clean pedal platform with plenty of tone shaping options, the Studio 50/15 is a great amp for both live performances at stage volume or studio and home playing. It features a simple 3-Band EQ, Bass, Middle and Treble, each with its own Push/Pull function that allows you to easily dial in that perfect tone for your playing style.

The power section of this amp utilizes 6L6 tubes with plenty of head room and features two power modes, 50 & 15 watts. By placing the Standby switch in the Up position you get the great full and powerful 50 watts at your disposal. Great for stage volume playing! In the down position you engage the 15 watt power mode. Which is great for studio, home or small venue use with all the great full tones of the 50 watt mode!

The Studio 50/15 also incorporates an ingenious design for its Effects Loop. A lot of amps have Effects Loops, but not like the Studio 50/15. Players often have to decide whether they need a passive or active loop, each with their own draw backs. Passive Loops provide a simple send and return without having added components to meddle with your tone, but it creates an issue with impedance and gain matching. While Active Loops solve this problem, they can be bothersome getting the levels and gain right. Well, the Effects Loop on the Studio 50/15 offers both passive and active! With a few added features such as a switchable buffer for impedance matching and switchable level controls for gain on both the send and return sides of the loop. This allows you to match your pedal board with either vintage or modern style effects without sacrificing your tone!


  • Output Power: 15W or 50W
  • Tubes: 6L6 Power Tubes
  • Speaker: WGS 12-65B
  • Dimensions: 20 5/8” wide x 20” tall x 10 1/2
  • Weight: 59 lbs.

Front Panel Features:

  • Treble with pull Bright
  • Middle with pull Mid-boost (tone stack bypass)
  • Bass with pull Deep
  • Gain
  • Master Volume
  • Three position Standby switch (Middle Standby, Up 50-Watts, Down 15 Watts)

Rear Panel Features:

  • Effects Loop Send jack
  • Effects Loop Send control(engages buffer and level control)
  • Effects Loop Return Jack
  • Effects Loop Return control (engages buffer and level control)
  • Dual 4 ohm, single 8 ohm and single 16 ohm speaker Jacks