Two-Rock Cardiff 1x12 Combo Amp

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$ 1,895.00 


The Two-Rock Cardiff 1x12 Combo is a 15 watt, all tube, point to point, handwired amp that addresses some of the common concerns EL84 circuits face like weak midrange, and a loose bottom end. It provides a much fuller & thicker midrange with a stout, tight low end.  

The simple and straight forward control panel (Low EQ, Hi EQ, Volume, Contour) is intuitive, easy to use, and purposefully designed so that every setting is functional and performs well.

The Cardiff is a very dynamic and responsive amp which cleans up nicely when you use a sifter pick attack and gets very nice overdriven tones when the strings are played more aggressively.  

What is a Contour control?  The contour control is an active wide band sweep. In the 12 o’clock position, the amp's frequency response is flat. Counterclockwise rotation reduces high end response and increases low frequencies. Counterclockwise rotation decreases low end and increases the high frequency response. This control is very useful for maintaining preamp tone control settings, while allowing a global adjustment to compensate for differences in room acoustics, speaker cabinets, or bright to dark guitars (PRS Humbucker to Strat, for example). This control also actively reduces the articulation available, allowing a softer setting or extremely open and revealing, depending on your individual style and requirements.

Output Power: 15W Head
Power Tubes: 2x EL84 , EZ81 Rectifier Tube
Pre-amp Tubes: 2x 12ax7
Controls: Bass, Treble, Volume, Contour
Loop: Passive Effects Loop
Channels: Single Channel
Speaker: WGS 12-65B