Two-Rock Akoya Limited Edition 4x10 Combo

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The Limited Edition Two-Rock Akoya 

To celebrate the birth of Akoya, Two-Rock will be producing 10 Limited Edition 4x10 combo’s.   There are a few things that make the Limited Edition different from the production model Akoya 4x10.

1) First, each LE is built with classic Two-Rock board material, NOS Sprague Orange Drop caps, and Sylvania short bottle 6L6GC tubes from the 80's. 

2) Each LE will come with Jensen P10R speakers, Black Western tolex, Sparkle Matrix grill cloth, and will include a keepsake Certificate of Authenticity.

3) Each LE will be signed and personally tweaked by Two-Rock designer/founder Bill Krinard.

The Two-Rock Akoya is Two-Rock's take on classic blackface circuitry. The Akoya brings you all the rich dynamics of what you come to expect from Two-Rock, but with the recognizable, forgiving, and smooth feel of classic blackface tone.

Two-Rock has stepped up the game on classic tone with several new appointments. This amp features a three band EQ, tremolo, reverb and two cascading gain channels each with gain, master and reverb controls. Two-Rock has also added a new Tone Boost to this amp to replace the EQ bypass. Essentially this function adds additional gain to the tone stack over both channels, leaving you with control over your EQ, but still giving you the boost that bypassing the circuit would normally provide. The Akoya also has a presence control that has been upgraded to cover a broader EQ range.

  • This amp is designed to be a transparent reflection of your guitar tone, allowing your tone and volume controls on your guitar to work more seamlessly with the amp.
  • 50 Watt dual tube rectified
  • Tube driven spring reverb
  • Tube driven tremolo, Matt Schofield Signature Amplifier Design
  • Foot switchable tone boost, overdrive and tremolo
  • Housing/Cabinet made from furniture grade poplar ply, giving the amp a more percussive and lively tone
  • First Channel Controls: Gain, Master, Reverb
  • Second Channel Controls: Gain, Master, Reverb
  • Master Controls: 3 Band EQ (Treble, Mid, Bass), Presence, Tremolo, Tone/EQ Boost, Pull Bright on input Gain
  • Effects Loop
Dimensions: 24 in. W x 28-3/8 in. H x 11 in. D
Weight: 69 lbs