TAD Tube Amp Doctor EF86/6267, Premium Selected

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$ 25.50 

Get your TAD Tube Amp Doctor EF86 / 6267 tubes at Humbucker Music! As one of the largest dealers of high-end amplifiers in the world, we know and understand tubes (and the amps they go in). TAD tubes are carefully selected and undergo very strict quality control before being offered for sale. If they don't past this rigorous testing, they are not chosen to be TAD tubes. We highly endorse TAD replacement tubes for any high-end or boutique amplifier!


The TAD EF86 / 6267 TAD is the new vintage pentode!  This pentode is selected for low-noise and low microphonics and is used in many high-end amplifier preamp stages and hi-fi stereo preamps. It recently gained popularity because it is used in many new guitar amps somewhat based on the vintage AC15 Circuit, such as amps used by Dr. Z, Bad Cat, and others.

The TAD EF86 is very quiet and dependable!

TAD Premium Selected tubes are guaranteed for a period of 6 months (according to terms of warranties) for the quality criteria mentioned above.