Swart SST-30 Super Space Tone 30 Head

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$ 3,399.00 

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The Swart Super Space Tone 30 amp (also known as the SST-30) is absolutely an impressive amplifier in every way.  From it's superb aesthetics to it's phenomenal tone, Michael Swart has certainly outdone himself this time!  The Super 30 is one of the most harmonically rich and complex amplifiers we've ran across.  If you find yourself plugged into one, good luck pulling away any time soon!

Super Space Tone 30 Head Highlights:

Hand-Wired All Tube Construction
Tube Tremolo and Tube Reverb

Power section : 6V6 (x4)
12AX7 (x3) & 12DW7 (x1) for Preamp / Tremolo / Reverb
GZ-34 Tube Rectifier
Cathode Biased
Master Volume Control - Standby Switch
High / Low Inputs
Foot Switchable Operation
30 - 35w depending on valves (it cranks!)
ALL BLACK TWEED with hand rubbed Lacquer Finish
Head: 10" (H)  22" (W)  9 3/8" (D)   35lbs